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We are insurance billing and collection experts specializing in claim supplements. Our team of industry experts assists Contractors and Restoration professionals in the submission and collection of supplemental insurance claims. With experienced staff in the fields of Insurance, Construction, Engineering and Law, we have the expertise to consult on projects, review scope, review and submit supplemental claims and communicate with insurance adjusters to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.


The insurance billing experts at Furtado Law Solutions, use their combined years of expertise with Xactimate (recognized insurance industry estimating software), coupled with bid items to ensure that each restoration project is fully and properly scoped, with the full and accurate amount of loss.

Claim Review

Legal experts at Furtado Law Solutions review submitted claims to ensure that they are thorough and detailed. The claims are submitted under the Furtado Law firm umbrella. This service helps to ensure that payments are made quickly and for the full amount owed.

Claim Supplements

Furtado Law Solutions insurance billing professionals review each claim, comparing our client’s estimate to the insurance company’s estimate then advocate for the payment of supplements. To ensure proper payment of the supplements, our legal professionals provide the necessary documentation needed to support the claim.

Insurer Communication

Furtado Law Solutions handles all communications with insurance companies. Our process guarantees communications are properly documented and that the insurance company’s concerns regarding a restoration project are addressed promptly. The prompt and effective method of communications guarantees that claims are paid a fast as possible.


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